Business Continuity Data Backups & Data Recovery in San Jose, CA

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San Jose Data Backup & Continuity Services

From tax records to customer info, your files are vital when it comes to running your organization. Loss of data can be catastrophic for any business, and without the proper systems, effective data restoration can be difficult.

Back-up & Continuity is the most crucial solutions you could ever register for, and Heroic Technologies specializes in computer, information, and hard disk backup, as well as disaster recovery as part of the managed solutions we provide.

Whether you experience a disk drive failing, a cyber attack that causes the damage or loss of information, an unforeseen natural disaster, or the loss of a device that holds valuable information, you have to ensure you can recuperate that information so your organization can continue to expand and flourish without losing customers.

Our experts can help defend against disaster with our back-up and data recovery solutions. We use a unique system that supports all of your domain and server information and keeps it in a dissimilar server off site so you’ll consistently have the ability to re-access your data when you need it.

Benefits of Our Data Backup Solutions

Heroic Tech is proud to offer the managed IT services in San Jose that your company needs to keep safe and guarded around the clock. With reliable information storage and back-ups for your hard drives and storage devices, we’re able to spring into action with data retrieval services to ensure your company is back up and running quickly.

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Plan for unforeseen problems

They happen to everyone, and they can occur at any moment. Take preventive actions today to make data recovery quick and simple when you need it.

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Guard and defend your company

Heroic Tech delivers information management to safeguard your information, network, and systems from hacking or virus dangers so you can focus on more vital concerns.

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Experience confidence with routine data back-ups

Shield your important data at all times, so you never need to worry about data loss.

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Never wait long for information retrieval

If your network does go down and information is damaged, we’ll get it back for you in no time.

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Gain access to your info whenever you need it

If your device goes down, you can access your backups on a different device while you wait on repairs.

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Secure Information Recovery Solutions for All Your Devices

Our team of experts excel at enterprise information recovery and disaster recovery, and we’ve helped organizations of all types throughout the West Coast with their data back-up and hard drive data restoration needs.

We can help with your data back-up and data restoration needs for any type of storage devices your organization utilizes, such as:

  • SATA Drives (Serial ATA SSD Drives)
  • SAS Drives (Serial Attached SCSI)
  • External Drives (Solid State Drives, etc.)

Along with individual storage back-ups and for SAS and SATA information restoration, our team can also offer data backups and information recovery services for your network hard drives and servers, including:


  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) Devices
  • SAN Devices / SAN Servers (Storage Area Network)
  • RAID Servers (SATA SAS RAID)
  • DAS Servers (Direct Attached Storage)

Backup & Information Recovery You Can Rely On

Disaster can occur at any moment. Cybercriminals are constantly trying to find ways to breach organizations to gain access to sensitive data and create chaos. Natural disasters can arise swiftly, with little warning. There are too many variables at play that can result in unanticipated data loss.

If you do not have a strong business continuity strategy in place with reliable backups, secure data storage, and a solid recovery plan in place, your business is vulnerable to possible catastrophe. Now is the best opportunity to start working on shielding your crucial business data so you can prepare for worst-case circumstances.

Regardless of your organization size, you need dependable information back-ups & continuity planning. Heroic Technologies can deliver that for you. Our group of helpful and proficient experts will create a custom-made backup and information recovery plan to help ensure business continuity, regardless of what takes place. Give us a call today and discover how our group can help keep the unplanned from destroying your organization.

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Contact Heroic today to discuss your needs!

Our group of IT experts and engineers has the experience and offers the data back-ups, data recovery, and business continuity services you need to keep your service running, no matter what.