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Does Your Company Need Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity needs to be a number one priority for businesses across the world, and that is true for companies in the Sunnyvale area. With ransomware, hacks, attacks, vulnerabilities and data theft impacting companies all around the world daily (with an approximated average of 2,000+ attacks daily), it’s just a matter of time before your company is affected. HeroicTech’s objective is to give you with the most effective cyber security protection possible, while also keeping your distinct requirements and budget in mind.

With the sheer number of security dangers dealt with by business, it is essential to evaluate the vulnerabilities that may impact your organization. Lost revenue because of downtime or sizable fines because of information breaches are not feasible for numerous organizations and could affect the overall health of a company.

Our group of cybersecurity professionals offers cybersecurity consulting and managed information technology solutions that can help make sure strong information security measures are in place to better safeguard your company.

Avoiding & Minimizing the Risk of Cyberattacks

Cyberattacks on organizations of all sizes are increasing in frequency every year. These attacks can have a major impact on a business, consisting of economic loss, damages to reputation, and loss of client trust. Comprehensive cyber security is important for businesses because it can help secure against these attacks. By applying necessary protection strategies, businesses can minimize the risk of being attacked and the effect of an attack if one does occur. If a hacker is able to penetrate your business network, they can quickly cause a lot of damage that can be tough to mitigate rapidly without proper precautions and planning in place. Collaborating with the cybersecurity specialists at HeroicTech can help boost your network security to safeguard against cyber threats and prevent a data breach that could lead to company interruptions, data loss, and possible fines. Our cybersecurity consulting can help you obtain a clear picture of your technology security and discover potential weakness to address. When you team up with us as your managed services provider, you can rest easy realizing your organization has the cyber defense required to stay secured. A cybersecurity specialist and expert on our team will keep an eye on your systems to take quick action and provide remote assistance when required to keep your organization protected.
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Our Cybersecurity Services Include:

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Your organization for weaknesses to discover any possible danger and checking your network for anomalous activities

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Your business network security to lower the chances of an effective cyber attack

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And Much More!

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Cloud computing to better secure your data and running updates and patches as they’re released to keep your gadgets secured

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Swift Response

And dependable assistance from skilled security experts that can act swiftly in case of of a cyber incident

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Detecting & Preventing Internal Threats

While it is essential to protect your network from external threats, internal risks can also be a substantial vulnerability. It’s a regrettable truth that a cyberattack can originate from within, whether inadvertently or through malicious deliberate actions taken by an employee. An extensive cybersecurity strategy calls for making certain that employees are using best practices and have appropriate security training to keep your networks and organization safe. As your managed services provider, HeroicTech can help carry out cyber defense strategies to protect your business IT against external and internal risks through a variety of methods, including:
  • Keeping an eye on logins and activity for unusual actions
  • Implementing identity-based access control and authorizations
  • Applying networking best practices
  • Supplying security training for your workers to reduce risks
  • And much more
Get in touch with HeroicTech today if you’re looking to decrease the risk of internal threats with Sunnyvale cybersecurity services!

Avoid Disaster with Prevention & Recovery Services

Losing your confidential information due to equipment failure or a cybersecurity breach can be debilitating. Without having effective backups and a strategy ready, bouncing back from of a disaster can be a expensive and challenging process.

Rather than waiting on catastrophe to strike, it’s a great strategy to get prepared for worst-case situations immediately. Our cybersecurity specialists at Heroic Technologies can help implement data back-ups, implement cloud computing services, and collaborate with you to produce a strategy so you can relax knowing your organization, information technology, information, and networks are shielded in case of an equipment failure or cybersecurity incident.

Your data is in good hands when you partner with Heroic Tech for cybersecurity services in Sunnyvale. We inspect your data to be sure it is properly and safely stored online so it can be used in case of an attack or catastrophe.

Get in touch with us today to learn why businesses in Sunnyvale choose us for reliable cybersecurity and information recovery services.

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Expert Advise with Cybersecurity Consulting Services

As the leader of your business, the obligation lands on you to ensure your business is effectively secured. Identifying what systems, software, hardware, and policies you need to utilize for your company can be a challenging job. Thankfully, you don’t need to go it alone or employ expensive in-house IT personnel to look after your technology and protection needs. With our IT and cybersecurity consulting services, we can review your objectives to work with you to identify the ideal choices for your needs and budget. We’ll deliver a list of options to consider and help you review and select the appropriate tools for your company, and we can help you get set up with the tools and systems you need. If you’re in the Sunnyvale location, we can visit your location to help set up and safeguard your network, information, and tools for your office and remote workers. As your cybersecurity specialists, our goal is to be your main point of contact for every one of your tech requirements and questions. We enjoy helping businesses prevent and address problems, and we’re happy to lend our experience and understanding with you.

Ensure Your Company is Compliant with Laws & Regulations

If you save client data, personal or private information, or take credit cards, cybersecurity is no longer an option, but instead is a requirement. In addition, if you need to abide by HIPAA, SOC, or any other regulations, you need a partner that understands these criteria and a group that can provide the items required to keep you compliant.

A data leak normally lands many companies in hot water and can result in penalties, legal actions, and damages to reputation that can be challenging to recover from. Due to this, appropriate risk management is necessary for securing your business.

Properly abiding by guidelines and requirements can be challenging, but the good news is HeroicTech is here to help! We provide compliance consulting services and the managed services you can count on to ensure your information security surpasses and also satisfies compliance obligations. In the event of an event, we can help get you the info you need to report to and work with local officials during any probes. Call us to learn why organizations in the Sunnyvale community rely on us with every one of their IT compliance needs.

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Heroic Tech is Ready to Help

Defending your confidential business info and clients’ data is our specialty. We offer IT solutions for local businesses and companies across the country, so if you need cybersecurity in Sunnyvale, CA, or throughout the U.S., our team of IT and security professionals have the knowledge and skills required to keep your company safe from a vast array of cybersecurity dangers. We’re a reputable provider of cybersecurity solutions for companies in Sunnyvale, and our cybersecurity firm can examine your current setup to give consulting and a total evaluation of your overall security health to uncover possibilities for improvement. Our cybersecurity professionals can then provide and carry out a complete security plan to provide a thorough protection solution through our managed IT services and managed cybersecurity services to ensure you have the best chance against present and future cyber risks.

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Businesses throughout the city of Sunnyvale depend on our expertise and skills to supply top quality, professional solutions 24/7. From managing your infrastructure and delivering comprehensive routine maintenance to dealing with cyberattacks and providing information restoration services due to unexpected events, our team of cybersecurity engineers and experts are prepared to help.

Call us today to discover why businesses depend on us for quality cybersecurity in Sunnyvale and the nearby areas, and discover exactly how we can assist you with the security and managed services your organization needs.

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