Managed IT Services

Outsource your IT and focus on your core business

At Heroic Technologies we understand that every small or medium-sized business needs their IT to be supporting their organization - not holding it back. That’s why when you outsource your IT to us you can stop worrying about what happens if you run into an issue with your technology.


We proactively manage and monitor your IT and will stop problems in their tracks, before they cause you serious issues. What’s more, we're always on call if you need us. Managed IT Services from Heroic Technologies minimize downtime and increase productivity - and profit.

Managed IT Services from Heroic Technologies help your organization succeed through innovative and effective business solutions.

Desktop Care

Reduce security risks, downtime and costs and ensure your employees to spend their working hours more productively with Desktop Care from Heroic Technologies.
With our team of technicians supporting your desktops, laptops and networked printers, either remotely or through an onsite visit, you can rest assured that technical issues, from OS and hardware problems to connectivity, will now be taken care of quickly and effectively.

Server Care

Your server should be empowering your business, not holding you back due to poor performance. Server Care from Heroic Technologies smooths out the issues.
Don’t let unstable or old servers negatively impact your productivity. Our certified experts will ensure that your server is performing to its absolute optimum and will take care of all problems including the initial installation and configuration through to ongoing maintenance and proactive monitoring.

Mobile Care

These days employees everywhere are using mobile devices to conduct business. But you need to be just as protected against threats to smartphone and tablet security as you do with your in-house technology.
Heroic Technologies’s Mobile Care services remove these concerns allowing your team to use mobile technology by monitoring devices and alerting you to security breaches. Through regular periodic scans we’ll also ensure that smartphones and tablets are running at peak performance and enabling employees to work effectively wherever they might be.

Service Desk

Remove the frustration caused by having to call manufacturer helplines for assistance with rapid and professional support from the team at Heroic Technologies.
Because our staff know how your business operates and understands your unique IT environment, we are in a far better position to offer personalized help that truly solves your issues. You’ll also be able to say goodbye to being stuck on hold for an eternity and passed around departments.

NOC Services

Heroic Technologies’s Network Operations Center (NOC) Services have been developed by our highly skilled technicians to help you monitor your networks for breaks and emergencies.
Our NOC team manage and monitor network equipment, servers, routers, and switches around the clock for alerts, taking appropriate action as necessary. Our NOC service is managed by skilled experts who have years of technology experience. Put simply, we ensure your networks remain up and running 24/7/365.

With Managed IT Services from Heroic Technologies you can expect:

  • Less downtime - our proactive monitoring services mean we can find and fix issues before they affect your business operations
  • Fewer disruptions - remote and overnight services don’t disturb the running of your business
  • Lower costs - our predictable flat rate fee helps you budget more predictably and eliminate unexpected repair expenses
  • Peace of mind - concentrate on running your business and leave the maintenance of your technology to the experts

Managed IT Services from Heroic Technologies give your business more stable operations and more predictable expenses. And that means you’ll reduce both downtime and the total cost of IT issues and increase your technology ROI.

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