Store, sync, secure and share your company’s files

Smart businesses are already using the potential of the Cloud to work together and collaborate on documents across teams, timezones and locations. In addition to Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox is fast becoming a popular Cloud-based platform for sharing files among colleagues, both in the office and on the go.

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Heroic Technologies can help you implement Dropbox for Business. Empower your people in the field, ensure files never again get lost, instantly sync and share data on any device, and strictly control admin - all through a user-friendly interface that just makes sense. The benefits are endless.

Dropbox for business from Heroic Technologies allows you to:

  • Store, sync and share - your files are securely held in Dropbox and you’re given the admin tools necessary to protect your business
  • Use any application - Dropbox for Business is compatible with all the apps you use in your business from Word and Excel to Photoshop and Acrobat
  • Use any device - Windows, Android, iOS, Mac and Linux are all supported
  • Get to work quickly - the intuitive interface means teams won’t be stuck for hours in a training session
  • Boost productivity - self-serve features such as device unlinking and deletion recovery mean your people can handle Dropbox themselves without needing to bother your IT guy
  • Keep tabs on who’s doing what - your administrator receives comprehensive audit logs to track what's being shared and who's sharing it
  • Stay secure - restrict access to certain users and remotely wipe data if a device is lost or stolen

Join the 100,000+ businesses who already use Dropbox to store, sync and share their files and talk to Heroic Technologies today about using the platform to enhance your business’s flexibility and security

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