Password Management for Business

Simple & Secure Protection Without Hassle

The My Password App is a cloud-based password management solution for businesses, that gives your employees secure access to their own passwords, while also giving the ability to securely share passwords between employees.  The convenience of the solution makes it easy for you and your team to leverage password security best practices, without any hassle.



  • Individual & Team-based Password Storage
  • Secured Password Sharing
  • Collaboration with Heroic Managed IT Services Team
  • Website 1-Click Logins with Login Recording
  • Active Directory Account Self-Service Password Reset
  • Password Rotation Management
  • Full Password Interaction Auditing
  • Web and Mobile Optimized Anywhere Access

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The Best Way To Manage Your Business Passwords

Overview of My Password App

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Improve Productivity & Enhance Security


Less Wasted Time

  • Staff will no longer waste time hunting for or trying to remember passwords

  • Less wasted time typing in complicated or long passwords ontheir numerous web applications throughout the day (using 1-click login tools)

Easy To Use

  • Ability for users to reset their own Windows login passwords without needing to call the help-desk and wait for a response

  • Securely share access to passwords without sending over plain text email or sms (or over the phone)

Military Grade Security

  • Compounded encryption process using AES-256 and multiple SHA-256 hash keys on a randomized basis to make sure your data is kept safe - even we can't see it!

  • Immediate lockout of former employees across all systems (since they never memorize the complex passwords, and likely never see them)


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